Learn More About Effective Parenting. Visit Rise & Shine Event at Suntec.

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*Rise & Shine Floor Plan

There are also many fun activities to be found at the Rise & Shine expo. Here are just a few in an easy-to-read floor plan to help you.


Mascot Appearances
Scott’s – C02
Kellogg’s Asia –B14
My Gym – F21

Balloon Giveaway
Cordlife –B06
Friso (Friesland Campina) – A22
My Gym – F21
Porcelain Face Spa – E20
Spectrum Learning – E21

Art & Craft
AIA- E22
Art Speaks Studio – C20
Nutriville – D12
Rush-Me-Not –F19

Face Painting/Glitter Tattoos
Buds Cosmetics – B20
NTUC U Family – F26
Wellchem Pharmaceuticals –A05

Sports Try-Outs
Exponent Asia – E02
My Gym – F21

Spin the Wheel/Lucky Draw
Atocare – E27
Life Stream Group – B19
My Gym – F21
Spectrum Learning – B14
Story Telling
National Library Board –F32

Bouncy Castle
Scott’s –C02

Mindchamps – D06
Buds Cosmetics – B20
Health Promotion Board – E13


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