Friends or partners


Collaborations with all schools can be effective in fund raising

I read with much interest the episode in which two mothers who were upset by the tone of the ACS (Barker) principle’s letter which has caused undue pressure on their children to sell the tickets (“Carnival tickets: Students feel sakes ‘pressure’ ; The Straits Times, Saturday 11th April 2015 ).

Their sentiments are understandable.

While the principal’s intentions were good, he also has to understand that students are already feeling stressed out with studies, homework and examinations.  Why add more pressure on them?

Raising funds is no easy task and not all parents are well to do, so every dollar counts – more so where the cost of living is skyrocketing.

Collaborations do make our lives easier


During my stint with the Public Relations Units of the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation and the Singapore Broadcasting Authority, I secure sponsored prizes from several companies including those in the privatised radio and television networks when I sat on the Dinner and Dance (D &D) committees for 10 years.  And when some of these sponsors organised their own D& D’s, we in turn sponsored station premiums to make their annual event an enjoyable and memorable one.  The end result:  A healthy working relationship was forged.


Likewise, all schools could have tie-ups so that when one school has to raise funds, it can collaborate with other schools to sell their tickets.  For example, ACS (Barker) can send a teacher over to others schools to market their carnival tickets, then they in turn can return the favour by helping to sell tickets for the school/s that managed to sell their tickets.   In addition the ACS (Barker) alumni, which has many successful working adults could lend support and help to promote the carnival tickets.


Effective collaborations in the workforce and in schools not only paves the way for better teamwork and productivity, but helps to see each other as friends and  partners – rather than just competitors. And when we are friends, we tend to be more giving.