7 Photogenic HDB Flats In Singapore You Need To See

Rediscover one of Singapore's most iconic urban features

Think public housing in Singapore is boring? We bet you'll change your mind once you get to the end of this article. Singapore may be a concrete jungle, but as the murals on the streets and charming heritage buildings show us, you can find beautiful art almost everywhere in the city. Even our humble HDB flats have been catching our eye more and more lately, boasting all sorts of creative designs from pop art to Medieval-style architecture. Since many of the oldest and prettiest buildings have been demolished these past few years, we don't want to wait till it's too late to treasure the architectural heritage around us. Want to get not just great but unique photos of Singapore? Plan a trail to visit these super camera-ready HDB flats!

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LI. Myriad

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2. Abstract Mondrian-inspired art

Seven flats in the Teck Whye Avenue HDB estate got an colourful new coat of paint in May 2018, and the residents got to vote on the design! They have excellent taste – this abstract grid pattern of primary colours red, blue, yellow and white is a recreation of the renowned Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s famous work “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow.” Much more vibrant and bright compared to the usual HDB colour scheme, this design is a breath of fresh air!

Where: Blocks 1 to 7 Teck Whye Avenue, Singapore 680001-7

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