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No Milk Bistro: Fish Soup & Fusion Cuisine Meld Together

You don’t need No Milk for a delicious bowl of fish soup!

Photo: No Milk Bistro

Serving up Teochew-style fish soup on the ground floor, and European cuisine with an Asian flair on their 2nd level along with a rooftop bar, No Milk Bistro simultaneously goes back to its roots while exciting the palate with a fresh take on dishes. Helmed by four childhood friends who are millennials pursuing their lifelong passion in the F&B industry, the menu is one that is both innovative, yet holds touches of nostalgia.

Photo: No Milk Bistro

Take a sip of the Mixed Fish Soup (S$7), and you’ll understand why the restaurant is named so! Clear, light, and yet ever-so-flavourful, the broth was wonderfully comforting and not overly savoury or fishy. Garnished with a large slice of Japanese nori instead of the usual seaweed, we loved how the chunks of fried sea bass were not coated thickly with batter, allowing us to taste the natural sweetness of the fish. The sliced mackerel was silky-smooth and thick-cut, pairing well with the umami soup. Pair your soup with steamed white rice (S$0.70) or brown rice (S$1), porridge (S$0.50) or your choice of noodles (S$0.50).

Photo: Weekender

If you’d like something meatier to go along with your fish soup, we recommend ordering the Black Char Siu (S$6.90) and Grilled Pork Belly (S$6.90). The former is given a home-made touch with a hint of five spice powder in the char siew glaze, while the latter is amazingly smokey and flavourful! (Psst… They’d also go well with beer…)

Photo: No Milk Bistro

Or, if you’re not over the mala craze and you’re craving for a hit of spice, go for the Spicy Fragrant Handmade Egg Noodles (S$8). Served with either grilled fish or pork belly and chef’s home-made mala chilli sauce, this is No Milk’s unique local take on the favourite Sichuan dish. Don’t worry if you’re someone who can’t take much spice (or if you really love spicy food) – just like mala, you get to choose the spice level for the noodles: low, medium and high. We had the noodles with the lowest level of spiciness, and it was just right for our low-tolerance tastebuds – piquant, numbing yet leaving us wanting more!

Photo: No Milk Bistro

Wait, we’re not done here! We did mention a rooftop bar, didn’t we?

For an evening of chilling and drinking with friends, or if your stomach’s still got space after the good Teochew-style food on level one, head up to No Milk’s Rooftop Bistro! It’s accessible from the first floor via a staircase lit by a neon “Pop It Like It’s Hot” sign – funky!

Photo: No Milk Bistro

Cosy, laid-back and offering a menu of fusion eats and affordable tipples, No Milk Rooftop Bistro is just the place for a chill night out.

We recommend the Beef Rendang Pasta (S$16.80) and the Thai Red Curry Pasta (S$18.80) if you want something satisfying! Made with fresh, hand-made pasta, every bite is an al dente combination of delicious flavour: take your pick of spiced, tender beef; or fragrant, spicy and lightly creamy pasta with fried ebi.

Photo: No Milk Bistro

And now that your stomach’s lined with food, it’s time to drink!

Sip on some fresh fruit cocktails prepared by owner and resident barkeeper Marcus, or down some soju shots (S$42/3 bottles with a free Yakult mixer) with your buds. Take your pick from a curated selected of local craft beers if that’s your poison of choice – we hear that the Sunday’s Brew Pilsner (S$13) from Rye & Pint Brewery is a hot favourite!

Plus, every night is Ladies’ Night at No Milk, with amazing discounts ranging from 1 for 1 liquor by the glass, to 15% off bottles!

With a great menu, chill vibes and affordable prices, No Milk is a wonderful place to head to, away from the bustle for a good meal or a relaxing night out!

Photo: No Milk Bistro

No Milk Bistro (Fish Soup Boutique Restaurant)
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm, Monday – Saturday

No Milk Rooftop Bistro @ Level 2
Opening hours: 5.30pm – 12 midnight, Monday – Saturday

18 Pahang Street 198615