#WhatToWatch: 5 TV Shows With Upcoming New Seasons We Can’t Wait To Binge Right Now

Westworld and Big Little Lies return for their sophomore seasons, while Stranger Things and Game of Thrones gear up for their third and least season respectively

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1. Westworld Season 2

With its premise the stuff of everyone’s wildest fantasies, it’s easy to see why Westworld is one of the most popular TV show last year. For the uninitiated, Westworld centres around its namesake theme park which offers high-paying guests the opportunity to experience the Wild West in an expansive tract of open, arid land.


The land are inhabited by “hosts”, essentially humanoid robots with advanced programming. The futuristic park allow guests nearly unlimited freedom to engage in any activity they choose with the hosts, and no matter how illicit the fantasy may be, there are no consequences for the park’s guests.

Westworld Season 2 premiered on April 22. 

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