This Hokkien trailer for “Vikings” Season 4 will have you in tears

Having Chinese New Year withdrawal symptoms? Watch this Hokkien trailer for “Vikings” S4 to get in the mood again

The last time Weekender engaged with the popular TV series “Vikings”, it was pretty serious business.

This morning, we woke up to a side-splitting version of the latest trailer for the series. Dubbed in Hokkien by local comedy social media account SGAG, the trailer sports hilarious catchphrases that accurately capture the warring spirit of the Vikings, like “Lo lo lo your boat” (a parody of “Row your boat”), “Mai tu liao” (“Stop delaying”) and “Ai hoot simi tio hoot simi” (“We can mess up whatever we want”).

Be tickled silly by the trailer here:

By Pamela Chow


Vikings Season 4 premieres Feb 19 at 10pm on History Channel (StarHub TV Ch 401).