Tales of Tatonka: Scenic & memorable adventures

The wolf cubs go on many thrilling adventures
The wolf cubs go on many thrilling adventures
The wolf cubs go on many thrilling adventures

Explore the landscapes of North America with these curious wolf cubs

Join four wolf cubs with a zest for life – Wanji, Nunpa, Yamni and Topa – as they journey the plains and forests of North America, discovering life according to the rhythm of changing seasons.

The new animated series Tales of Tatonka, is an adorable and insightful programme for children.

The Lone Bison

Under the care of the wise bison named “Tatonka”, the wolf cubs go out of their comfort zones and take on thrilling escapades – escaping the peril of forest fires, snowstorms and even hunting down a rainbow.

Empty River

Each episode is split into two parts. The pilot episode sees Wanji and Cinksi the Lynx’s curiosity peak, about why there is no salmon in the river, so they travel through the lands of the renegade wolves to seek the truth.

However, thanks to noisy Poum the bear, they draw the unwanted attention of dangerous renegade wolves. Poum soon learns the harsh reality that though he has only begun to speak, he must also understand the importance of staying quiet.


Save a Friend

In the second part of the first episode, winter is now upon the forest and a herd of elk has migrated in search of food. Moose, the youngest of the herd, is weak, and falls behind the others.

Will his friends be able to come to his rescue?

Viewers will be captivated by the attractive world of picturesque landscapes and animal characters with lovable personalities, which are sure to enthral children of all ages.

Tales of Tatonka premieres on Dec 2, 1.30pm, and continues every weekday, with encores on the following weekdays at 10am, on Discovery Kids, StarHub Ch 308 & Singtel Mio Ch 230.