10 Romantic Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day, For Couples AND Singles

Because the celebration of love is for everyone

Movie night at home is a classic, simple yet sweet way to spend Valentine’s Day. And that’s not just exclusive to couples in love! Maybe you’re looking to bask in the love you’re feeling for someone, to regain your faith in love, or to immerse yourself in the romance (so what if it’s a little bit vicarious?); either way, there’s something for you in these movies. Smart, funny, realistic about modern love, some with a sprinkling of fantasy and action… the following movies will put you in the mood for love – whether’s that now or the future.

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1. Ali’s Wedding

This feel-good movie breathes new life into the romance genre as not only Australia’s first Muslim romantic comedy, but also an amazing and hilarious love story. It begins with a white lie, which then spirals into a few more lies that takes us through arranged marriages and secret loves, all impacting the lives of a very colourful Muslim immigrant community.

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