12 Feel-Good Movies To Chill Out And Watch Over The Weekend

Comfort viewing for a comfy, stay-in weekend

The weekend is here! Put away your thoughts about work or school, and kick up those sore feet, because it’s time for a movie marathon. It’s time to Netflix and chill – literally, we mean. When you’re feeling low or desperately need a break from the daily drudgery, you just need to be selective and go for the cheerful, uplifting movies. To help you with that selection, we’ve put together our own favourite warm and cosy, make-you-smile-like-an-idiot, feel-good movies. Even better that most of them are classic oldies, as you don’t have to put in your 100% to re-watch them. Here’s to a relaxing and fun weekend!

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1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Based on Jenny Han’s bestselling novel, the movie shot straight up to our list of feel-good movies when it came out on Netflix. It checks all the boxes for a fun rom com – School crushes? Check. Big family of sisters? Check. Fake relationship that might become something more, between two adorable and beautiful people? Check. Be warned, though: you might want to watch this one again right after you finish it.

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