Kim Woo-bin On That “Beyonce Dancing Scene” In Master

He looks serious now, but wait until you see him getting his Beyonce on

Photos: Pamela Chow & Courtesy of Golden Village

Master is an action-packed crime film filled with serious business: An international pyramid scheme, political corruption, a global police chase (with real police involved) and scenes filmed in one of the worst slums in the world.

And then you have Kim Woo-bin dancing like Beyonce.

In his latest film, the popular actor plays Park Jang-gun, an elite programmer who faces a moral struggle between wealth, loyalty and justice. Despite his serious role, Kim appears in one scene dancing in a routine inspired by the queen of pop.

The contrast translates into real life. Sitting up and looking sharp in a suit, Kim speaks in a careful and serious tone that leaves almost no room for jesting. Yet, ask him about his off-set shenanigans with his co-actors or being inspired by Beyonce, and his reserved demeanour gives way to sheepish playfulness.

We speak to him about Master, which premieres here tomorrow (13 Jan).

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How did you feel about the script when you first read it?

My character, Jang-gun, is a double agent serving both [his company] and the detective. Jang-gun confused everyone including me. But I was curious about what he was feeling and thinking, so I wanted to convey that message to the viewers.

How did you prepare for this role as a skilled programmer?

I practised my typing skills a bit on my own. Actually, there weren’t many ways for me to showcase Jang-gun’s professional skills, but I still wanted to give him a ‘Jang-gun flair’. So I gave that a lot of thought and planning.

The director also used some great computer graphics to make the character look very skillful.

Did your close friends like Jo In-sung and Song Joong-ki say anything about your new movie?

Since I really liked the script, I passed it to In-sung and asked him for advice [on whether to take the role]. He agreed with me, so I already had support before we even began filming.

They actually came down to the Gala Premiere to give me support. They were very encouraging and said the movie’s nice.

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