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7 Things You May Not Know About Cute Craftholic Plushies

How many of these plushies do you own?

Cover photo: Raffles City Shopping Mall

We speak to Craftholic designer, Ikuko Yamamoto, about her best-selling Japanese toys and plushies.

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You’ve probably seen one of her cute creations before. From pillows to soft toys and even tissue box holders, these adorable printed mascots have quite a cult following, especially in Singapore. Here, we find out seven things you may not know about the popular brand.


31-year-old Ikuko Yamamoto is the founder of well-loved brand Craftholic.

Meet the force behind the brand

31-year-old Ikuko Yamamoto, a graduate with a Major in Stylist Course from the prestigious Bunka Fashion College, is Craftholic’s creator and designer. She sets the vision and oversees its design and branding.

How doodles come to life

The Craftholic brand was inspired by Yamamoto’s love for doodling. She always wants to create characters with simple designs from ground zero. Craftholic was eventually created in 2008.

Finding worldwide success

There are currently 42 Craftholic outlets in Japan, as well as in countries, such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Czech Republic and Paris. As of October 2016, Craftholic sold over 410,000 pieces of products. Talk about going global!

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