7 Intriguing Works At SAM’s Newest Exhibition

Gain a different perspective of the sea at SAM's latest - and last - exhibition of the year

By Pamela Chow. Photos: Pamela Chow

The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) will open an intriguing exhibition this weekend to accompany its sister museum's Imaginarium 2016 exhibition, and it's a trove of wonders.

"Odyssey: Navigating Nameless Seas", running from Jun 4 to Aug 28, showcases explorations of the ocean by artists from Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond. It will be the museum's last exhibition before preparing for the Singapore Biennale.

Here are seven of the most intriguing artworks to be discovered at the exhibition.

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2. “Breathing Together” by Entang Wiharso (Indonesia)

This underwater “memory-scape” occupies a whole room and is filled with intricate details that you can slowly discover, from a modern parody of “Birth of Venus” to a man with his dog on the pinnacle of a mountain.

This surrealistic work depicts the ancient myth that humans are ‘born’ in water, and through our life cycle slowly make our way to land. You can spot references to Indonesian culture and politics too.

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