Chua En Lai Dishes Out His Favourite Travel Tips

The local comedian uses his new Air NZ cred to share his top tips for flying comfortably

Photos: Courtesy of Air New Zealand

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What are some of your favourite cities elsewhere?

Nearby: Galle in Sri Lanka and Luang Prabang in Laos. Further afield: Berlin (Germany), Positano (Italy), Kyoto (Japan), Hvar (Croatia), Copenhagen (Denmark).

Looking at this list, [it’s obvious] like history right? [Laughs] And apart from Berlin and Kyoto, I like cities by the sea or river.

Where was the last place you flew to?

My last trip was to South Africa…. [I] went on a four-day safari in Sabi Sands, part of the Greater Kruger National Park. I’d only ever encountered stray cats in the wild. This time I got lions, leopards and cheetahs!

It was amazing… It was like all the books I read when I was little coming to life.

What are your go-to travel tips?

Come up with a packing list. Of course every trip is different, but this really helps. Be as specific as you can, down to that paper clip to open the SIM card compartment in your iPhone. Bring a light T-shirt to sleep in when on the plane. You’ll feel much fresher when you disembark! 

What kind of traveller are you? Are you lepak or “restless”?

I’m a lepak person. I like long nights drinking wine, chatting and late mornings. But when it comes to organising travel, I’m a total control freak. I think that’s because I’d rather know heaps about where I’m going, to be able to decide what exactly what I want to see or do.

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