All-new battle of the ex-es on Power 98

Jacqui T and Mister Young can still get along - when they want to
Jacqui T and Mister Young aren’t afraid to have a go at each other
Jacqui T and Mister Young aren’t afraid to have a go at each other

For these two firebrand DJs, their post-breakup plan is a brand new radio show. with The Ex-Factor, revenge is sweet radio

By Lester J Wan

Sound the alarm and prepare the arsenal. Two DJs who once were a couple are going to war, on radio.

Lifestyle radio station Power 98FM has revealed their brand new Evening Drive Time show will feature a power ex-couple, DJs Jacqui T and Mister Young.

Once romantically involved, they will now be hosting a juicy, no-holds-barred show to rock the airwaves.

First of its kind in Singapore

The Ex-Factor on Power 98FM is the first radio show of its kind in Singapore. This former couple knows every dirty secret, bad habit and button to push, and they aren’t afraid to use it.

You’ll get to hear Mister Young and Jacqui take it out on each other, especially in the quirky and fun games they have lined up for the show. Listeners will be encouraged to join the slug-fest.

“It’s must-hear radio, as the chemistry is definitely there but so is the drama! I think it’ll be interesting because we can’t bull**** with each other. It will be us at our most raw and unfiltered,” quips Mister Young, who is also Assistant Programme Director of Power 98FM.

He guarantees, “This is definitely a show where sparks will fly!”

We spoke to Jacqui and Young about this revolutionary show.

Are you insane? Why are you hosting with your ex?

Jacqui: We’re not the sanest individuals and some would think it to be crazy putting us in the same station, much less on the same show. But who better to do a show with, other than someone you know so well?

Young: I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and, quite frankly, we were great when we were together. I don’t see any reason why we can’t recreate that magic. She’s someone I’ve always respected in the industry, and together we can do a great show together. Either that or it’ll be a train wreck. Either way, it’ll make for a lot of interesting radio.

Jacqui T and Mister Young can still get along - when they want to
Jacqui T and Mister Young can still get along – when they want to

What is one thing you can’t stand about each other?

Jacqui: How many pages do I have? I kid. If I had to choose just one, I would have to go with him being way too logical. When it comes to Mister Young, he uses his head much more than he uses his heart. To some extent I guess it’s a good thing because when it is time to use your brain and not let your emotions get in the way – Mister Young comes in handy.

Young: Jacqui just gets so damn emotional! She’s a creature of pure emotional reaction, so things get heated up way too fast with her, and she reads too much into things.

Please reveal one secret about the other.

Jacqui: He’s actually socially awkward, which I find ironic considering the business or industry and position he’s in, but now he’s come out of his shell!

Young: Jacqui may come off as confident, secure, boisterous, tomboyish and even belligerent sometimes… but deep down inside, she’s insecure and vulnerable.

Is there anything that you might be afraid will be revealed?

Jacqui: Not at all. The beauty about The Ex-Factor, I feel, will be the freedom for us to do and talk about what everyone was or maybe is concerned about – putting ex-es together on a radio show. But it’s never been done before, so fear shouldn’t prevent innovation. Can’t wait!

Young: I say, just bring it! You know, that’s exactly what I’m sick of hearing on radio. Safe, standard, ‘professional radio DJs’. I’m tired of having to hold back, and tiptoe around my co-hosts’ ego. The great thing about our relationship is that we’ve seen it all. The ups and downs, and all the nonsense in between. There is no bull******** each other and, in turn, no bull******** the people to join us on the show. It’s us at our most raw. It’s going to be one heck of an experience!

The Ex-Factor premieres on Jun 10, weekdays, 5 to 8pm on Power 98FM.

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