17 Singapore Moments Of 2017 To Remember

We take a look back at what 2017 has brought to our little red dot

From McDonald’s Nasi Lemak burger to that one boy on National Day, here are 17 Singapore moments that made 2017:

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Photo: KFC

1. KFC’s Chizza 

In February, KFC combined two of everyone’s favourite foods – pizza and fried chicken – and called it Chizza ($5.10), a name that is also…umm, a play of the words pizza and chicken. Chizza is made up of fried chicken fillet topped with chicken ham, pineapple chunks, mozzarella sauce, and pizza and cheese sauces. While truly an artery-clogging indulgent, the rather different presentation of the actual product garnered its fair share of grumbles from ardent fried chicken fanatics.

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