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Restaurant Review: Go Beyond Your Usual Izakaya Fare At Big Sake Bar

The 42-seater prides itself on being “big on food, big on service, and big on sakes”

Apart from boasting a large selection of over 40 different kinds of Japanese sakes and whiskeys, the humble izakaya concept restaurant located at the Concourse Skyline Building serves only the freshest of sashimi, immaculate sushi rolls, and perfectly grilled kushiyaki. Here are some dishes (and sakes of course) that left us wanting more.

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Century Egg Tofu

Start your meal with this opening number that’s bound to please all you century eggs lovers. Big Sake Bar’s take on the Century Egg Tofu commands a silky smooth texture, with the house-made tofu basking in the flavours of our familiar century egg. We couldn’t have asked for a better cold dish to kick off our meal.

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