10 Underrated Shows On Netflix You Should Be Watching Right Now

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You’ve been to the Upside Down with the Stranger Things gang, faced all the prison cliques of Orange Is The New Black, and questioned your relationship with technology thanks to Black Mirror.

What next? Your Netflix queue has tons more room. There’s so much content coming out on the streaming giant every year, it’s hard to know what’s worth watching, and we often miss out on some really excellent ones. Here are 10 hidden gems on Netflix we love that you should totally add to your list.

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2. Kim’s Convenience

What it’s about: Based on one of the creator’s earlier play of the same name, Kim’s Convenience is a sitcom that follows a Korean Canadian family who runs a convenience store. Having immigrated to Canada many years ago, the parents work hard for their two children who grew up in Canada, Janet and Jung, to lead successful lives. But their different cultural and generational outlooks sometimes create rifts in their relationships.

Why you should watch: Full of funny and heart-warming moments, this sitcom is so delightful to binge-watch, especially when you need a little pick-me-up. The charming cast delivers witty one-liners as expertly as they touch your heart. Oh, and the exploration of Asian family dynamics is spot-on.

Seasons One and Two are currently available on Netflix, while the show will return for Season Three in 2019.

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