#TheWeekendList: 30 April – 2 May 2021

Find beautiful art pieces around Singapore and enjoy new food deals at the same time!

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6. Ginza Shinto’s New Omakase Menu

Chef Ron’s latest Hana Spring menu is a 10-course omakase priced at S$200 per pax, available for both lunch and dinner.

Feast in accordance with the seasons and embrace the coming Spring as Chef Ron starts you off with the delicate Noresore, a Japanese seasonal Conger Eel Whitebait. Dine with your senses where Chef Ron proceeds to tantalise your taste buds together with a visual treat of Sakuradai or also known as Cherry Beam. Followed by wild-caught Katsuo off the shores of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Next up are grilled Takenoko, tender bamboo shoots, a seasonal and nutritious delicacy then chased down with the crisp Fukinoto Tempura, well-loved for its refreshing slight bitterness that works as a palate cleanser.

Chef Ron then presents diners with an interactive sushi item, handing each guest a sheet of nori layered with sushi rice before personally stacking it up with a lightly seared Hotate heaped with Bafun Uni.

Round off the Spring fiesta with a decadent Truffle Tamago Uni Don that is aromatic and so addictive, before washing it down with the Hamaguri Osui studded with its umami, plump and juicy flesh in a clear broth.

Ginza Shinto is located at 5 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-01, Singapore 239014.

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