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Gifts Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day 2021

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Have you started shopping for your Mom’s gifts yet?

Show Your Love with these thoughtful gifts.

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1. Naked Blend Peach Detox Glow, S$65 for 1 box (15 sachets), S$125 for 2 boxes

Give your Mother the glow that she desires. The new blend on the block is Naked Blend’s Peach Detox Glow, which is packed with fully-vegan ingredients such as its plant-derived Vitamin D and fruit enzymes. Created to detox and cleanse, as well as give you glowing skin, the Peach Detox Glow is what your skin and body have been craving.

Best Time To Drink: In the evening as a wind-down beverage, Peach Detox Glow has nothing artificial and will prepare your body for a good rest as it works from the inside out. With extracts like lemon juice, chia seeds, and natural peach, it will work even while you slumber to boost your overall wellness!

Naked Blend is available on www.NakedBlend.co.

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