#TheWeekendList: 23-25 July 2021

It is back to dining at home again but this does not stop the fun and shopping!

Do not forget to enjoy the seasonal Beauty in The Pot's lobster broth too.

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9. Nike Mobile App

The first-ever free Nike App connects athletes to exclusive product launches, rewards, guidance, and experience. All tailored to your personal preferences. All in one unified platform. As the sportswear company’s fastest-growing platform, the App will provide users across Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Taiwan and Vietnam. Personalised access to the best of Nike.

Benefits that you can enjoy if you download the app:
– Exclusive access: Get your hands on the latest product drops, early and exclusively with the App, including weekly drops every Friday
– Member Rewards: Unlock exciting rewards with the personalised “Member Wallet” for exclusive promotions, access to events and more
– Inspirational content: Gain access to stories, guidance and other inspirational content available exclusively available on the App

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