Sweets For Your Sweet: Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Treats

Forget about heart-shaped chocolates and make a beeline for these unique desserts instead

This Valentine’s Day, don’t settle for another ubiquitous bouquet of foil-covered chocolate truffles.

Instead, impress your loved one with something a little special and nonetheless thoughtful.

These three limited edition sweet treats make great gifts, whether you’re looking to win over their heart or keep it for an eternity.

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Photo: Bake Inc

1. Bake Choco Cheese Tart

From 8 to 14 Feb, Bake Inc will be offering freshly baked Valentine’s Day Choco Cheese Tarts (six for $21.00) at both of their outlets. The famed purveyor of Hokkaido cheese tarts will be putting a decadent twist to their original treats. Presented in a special pink packaging, the tarts come with chocolate-infused cheese mousse and cookie crust.

Available at Bake Inc outlets including ION Orchard.

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