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Home Cooks, Don’t Miss Out On Chef Martin Yan’s Kitchen Hacks

The seasoned cook show host returns to Asian Food Channel with brand new series Martin’s Yan Asian Favourites

Photos: Asian Food Channel

Mention Martin Yan and you’re bound to get a reaction from home cooks who’ve grown up watching his popular prime time cooking shows.

As a familiar face (and name) in Asian households, Martin has journeyed across Asia in recent years, meeting the likes of chefs, home cooks and locals from various walks of life.

For a glimpse into his invaluable culinary inspirations and travel journeys, be sure to tune in to Martin Yan’s Asian Favourites, which premiered on 5 Jan.

Feast on Asia’s best

The original series, presented by Asian Food Channel, will shine a spotlight on his insider knowledge and kitchen hacks, which span more than two decades.

Viewers can expect to feast their eyes on more than 30 dishes influenced by the chef’s extensive travels, which showcases the distinct local flavours from six cities, namely Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines.

Keep your notebooks at the ready as Martin dishes out heart-warming creations that will please the whole family.

In each episode, Chef Yan will pick a food staple or cuisine as the theme, before preparing a selection of dishes in the flavours and cooking methods of each city.

Bonus: There’ll be guest appearances from Datuk Fazley Yaakob and Chef Hoang Minh Nhat.

Curries & grills

Appetites will be teased by a variety of curries, highlighting the dish’s versatility and depth of flavours. From Indonesia, comes a mutton curry inspired by Chef Yan’s sojourn to Pahang in West Sumatra.

For Thailand, he whips up a flavourful green curry, said to be king of all curry bases.

In a collaborative move with Datuk Fazley Yaakob, Chef Yan also creates a unique Malaysian Classic Coconut Beef Curry, which used the tangy star fruit.

Apart from curries, Chef Yan will also be showing off his prowess for grilled dishes.

He’ll be whipping up Spicy Grilled Chicken from Indonesia and the quintessential Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf from Malaysia.

Meanwhile, check out his recipe for Fish Head Noodles here.

Martin Yan’s Asian Favourites airs on Starhub Ch 435 every Thursday at 9pm.

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