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Uncover A Hidden Side Of Western Australia

In the Great Outback, bursts of tranquility, beautiful scenery and delicious flavours are waiting to be discovered

Western Australia (WA) may be largely covered by parched lands of dessert, but it is also home to some of the finest waterfront attractions and culinary feasts. Embark on a journey through the West to uncover a different side of Australia — here are some exquisite finds.

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This charming seaside town may be small and quaint, but it is one of WA’s top must-visit towns for tourists. Its centrepiece is the Busselton Jetty, the longest wooden pier in the entire southern hemisphere that stretches almost 2km out to Geographe Bay.

Construction of the historic jetty began in 1853 and continued until the 1960s, when it reached its current length. It has since been rejuvenated and revamped, and now offers a tourist train ride, an award-winning underwater observatory and the Interpretive Centre – comprising the four iconic blue boat-sheds that house a Cultural Heritage Museum and shops selling homeware and souvenirs.

While in Busselton, soak in the chill vibes at an array of seaside cafes, kiosks, bars and restaurants. You can even hop on a bike and ride down the cycling paths winding through groves, grassy lawns and the sandy beaches. Alternatively, explore the bustling main street with its many alfresco restaurants, pubs and boutique shops.

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