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Uncover A Hidden Side Of Western Australia

In the Great Outback, bursts of tranquility, beautiful scenery and delicious flavours are waiting to be discovered

Western Australia (WA) may be largely covered by parched lands of dessert, but it is also home to some of the finest waterfront attractions and culinary feasts. Embark on a journey through the West to uncover a different side of Australia — here are some exquisite finds.

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A port city and the bustling cultural and administrative hub of the Great Southern region, Albany is the oldest permanently settled town in WA. Learn about the country’s rich history at Kodja Place, and sail down the waters of Albany on a replica of the first European ship, Brig Amity.

The tour will then take you to the beautiful old Albany Town Hall, up to the top of Mount Clarence for stunning panoramas of the city and to the calming King George Sound. For an unforgettable view of Albany’s shoreline, look out over the bay while at the Albany Wind Farm.

You’ll also get the opportunity to visit the Historic Whaling Station, formerly known as Whale World. Home to a restored whale processing factory and whale-chaser, this was Australia’s last whaling company that closed in 1978, and is now an interactive museum on the country’s relationship with its gentle giants.

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