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Uncover A Hidden Side Of Western Australia

In the Great Outback, bursts of tranquility, beautiful scenery and delicious flavours are waiting to be discovered

Western Australia (WA) may be largely covered by parched lands of dessert, but it is also home to some of the finest waterfront attractions and culinary feasts. Embark on a journey through the West to uncover a different side of Australia — here are some exquisite finds.

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William Bay National Park

A popular bay of beaches with an arresting view of the emerald sea, William Bay National Park will surprise you with its huge granite boulders known as Elephant Rocks. Greens Pool, with its clear waters, is another highlight where you can go swimming and snorkelling.

For wildlife and nature enthusiasts, William Bay National Park is a trove of wonders. A diverse ecology of marine creatures and birds can be found in the sheltered pools, channels, granite terraces, rock pools and beaches here. Take a peek into the pools to find colourful fish flitting about, and look out into the ocean to spot whales and dolphins passing by.

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