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Uncover A Hidden Side Of Western Australia

In the Great Outback, bursts of tranquility, beautiful scenery and delicious flavours are waiting to be discovered

Western Australia (WA) may be largely covered by parched lands of dessert, but it is also home to some of the finest waterfront attractions and culinary feasts. Embark on a journey through the West to uncover a different side of Australia — here are some exquisite finds.

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Torndirrup National Park

This national park is most known for its duo of massive granite cliffs, named the Gap and the Natural Bridge, that offer unrivalled views of the Southern Ocean and beyond. The Gap has an impressive lookout point where you can admire the sea from a height of 40m, as the waves rush ferociously in and out beneath your feet.

Don’t be shocked if you’re greeted with a thunderous bellow — it’s The Blowholes; cracks in the granite where the spray of the sea splashes through and air is ‘blown’ with tremendous force. There are several other lookouts and trails to explore in the park, including Sharp Point, Jimmy Newells, Stony Hill, Peak Head, Salmon Holes and Bald Head.

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