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Stay At The Inimitable Karuizawa Prince Hotel East

The sprawling resort is the epitome of a luxury plateau resort

Photos: Prince Grand Resort Karuizawa

Located 1000 metres above sea level, the Prince Grand Resort Karuizawa is one of the best and most accessible resorts, just an hour’s train ride away from Tokyo. There are five hotels within the resort grounds, namely Karuizawa Prince Hotel West, The Prince Villa Karuizawa, The Prince Karuizawa, Karuizawa Asama Prince Hotel, and Karuizawa Prince Hotel East (KPHE).

Boasting a main building as well as cottage accommodations, the 44-year-old KPHE was recently relaunched in July this year, which comes with its new “Neo Forest” architectural concept for guests to relax in a forest-like sanctuary. The addition has led to the hotel’s induction into the affiliation of “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”, which is exclusively awarded to just 12 hotels in Japan.

For more highlights of the refreshed KPHE, click through the slideshow for a closer look at the resort’s range of luxurious lodgings.

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The main hotel building features a range of twin rooms to suit all manner of tastes.

Designed by renowned architect Mr. Yuki Hashimoto with the aim of transforming the hotel into one of high affinity among nature’s circumstances, KPHE adopts playful patterns unique to “Mina Perhonen”, a Japanese fashion brand, for its wallpapers and carpets throughout its premises.

A deserving mention of one of the hotel’s latest facilities is the Forest Hot Spring.  Guests can enjoy the indoor bath, open-air bath, and steam sauna, all while admiring the beautiful forest through a wall-to-ceiling glass window.

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