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#BucketList: Dare You Enter Japan’s Suicide Forest?

The ominous woods is dubbed as the perfect place to die

Photo: Shutterstock 

An allure so lethal that annual searches are in order since 1970, where the initiative is not intended to rescue people, rather to recover their remains.

And if you dare to venture off the designated path of Japan’s Aokigahara forest, chances are you might come across human bones, and rotting carcasses strewn across the forest floor or dangling from branches.

Located northwest of the holy Mount Fuji, Aokigahara forest is first regarded as the Sea of Trees, thanks to its extremely thick foliage, but now more commonly known as the Suicide Forest – a place where troubled souls choose to spend their final moments at. Suicides committed in the forest are believed to have permeated the Aokigahara’s trees, leading to the ignition of eerie paranormal activities that prevent visitors escape the forest’s depths.

A suicide scene in the forest; Photo: Source

Supernatural factors aside, getting around the Aokigahara forest isn’t a walk in a park either. Set at the mountain’s base, the forest’s tricky terrain is rocky and uneven, with the gnarly roots of the trees winding across the forest floor. The trees are packed tightly together, preventing any wind to filter through and any sign of wildlife is close to dismal. Complemented by a deafening stillness, an eerie isolation is described to descend upon those who enter the woods.

But do not write off Aokigahara forest just yet. The place serves as ideal location for the scenic vistas of Mount Fuji and also the route to a magical Narusawa Ice Cave, where surreal ice formations await.

The fastest way to reach Aokigahara forest is via an approximately two hour’s car ride west-southwest from Tokyo. Getting there by public transport is also possible.

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