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Rejuvenate And Revitalise At One Farrer Hotel & Spa’s Lifestyle Retreat Program


The retreat kicks off with a blood pumping workout for a very good reason

Photos: One Farrer Hotel & Spa

A day at the spa paints a setting of dimmed lights, scented candles, soothing music and a satin-covered bed, coaxing you to surrender your entire body to the strong, nimble hands of a professional masseur.

But at One Farrer Hotel & Spa, spa day starts at the gym. We can vouched for that, having spent an entire day immersing ourselves into the hotel’s Lifestyle Retreat Program.

Before you shudder at the thought of being drenched in perspiration, dead beat from a mandatory workout on this supposed day of relaxation and rejuvenation, hear One Farrer Hotel & Spa out.

Sweat It Out 

The inclusion of the workouts (an hour-long session) is not an afterthought placed by the program. In fact, it is a deliberate attempt to slow down the body and prep you physically and mentally for the upcoming spa treatments. Just like how a tired body leads into a good night’s rest, your post-workout body will be at its prime to fully luxuriate in the various nutrient-rich treatments. The workout session also begins with a pre-consultation, where a personal trainer is constantly on standby to ensure that all is well.

Intrigued? Well, we’re barely scratching the surface of the hotel’s Lifestyle Retreat Program.

Tailor-made for everyone, the spa experience is segregated into four programs: Detox, Renewal, Slimming and Energy. We had the pleasure of trying the Detox program which is suited for the overworked urbanites, looking to rid the nerves and stress of work life.

Healthful Eats

All programs include a Spa Cuisine Meal that was meticulously prepared by a certified dietitian. These meals were designed to optimise fibre intake, reduced calories, protein level and richness in antioxidants and Omega 3. Seated overlooking an Olympic-sized pool, we were presented with a colourful platter of moursel-sized eats, with the highlight being the roasted sea bass with citrus salsa that surprisingly was filling for its smallish portion.

Relax and Rejuvenate 

Following that, we finally made our way to the long-awaited spa treatment, where we eagerly peeled off our clothes before diving into the plush embrace of the massage bed.

Like the program suggests, the treatment’s aim is to detox the body entirely which we willingly surrendered, starting with a head-to-toe exfoliating scrub to rid of dead skin, before moving on to a full-body oil massage. Our bodies, worn out by the initial workout session, relished a magnified experience of the tingling, feel-good sensation from the body treatment.

Blissful Ending

While other spa treatments conclude the minute the last drop of oil is lathered into the skin, One Farrer Hotel & Spa gently nudges you to its Total Lifestyle Environment facilities, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, Japanese-styled onsens, reflexology water walk and relaxation gardens, where you can revel in to your heart’s content before calling it a day.

Because we’re drama queens, we chose to luxuriate in the onsens till kingdom comes, making up for the intensive grueling workout session we begrudgingly agreed to.

For more information, visit bit.ly/2wzL2WW or call 67057850

One Farrer Hotel & Spa’s Lifestyle Retreat Program, Detox, is priced at $199 per pax, $359 per couple. 

Valid till 31st October 2017, Weekender readers can quote weekender99 at spa reception to get an exclusive One-Day trial price at $99 of either 01 x 60 minutes Signature Massage, or 01 x 60 minutes Aroma Basic Expert Facial & 01 x 60 minutes Personal Training. This also includes complimentary access to the Total Lifestyle Environment facilities.