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#TheWeekendlist: 11-13 August

11-13 August: Indulge in a Straits-Chinese inspired tea, participate in a food festival and plan a holiday at the NATAS fair!

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1. Rejuvenate your skin

Is the sun leaving your complexion worse for the wear? Combat skin problems like sun spots, age spots, melasma and even acne scars with the DiscoveryPICO treatment. We tried it for ourselves and are happy to report that it left our acne scars lighter and our pores tighter. The treatment uses laser light to break pigment into the smallest particles, so that they can be easily eliminated by the body’s immune system. Sensation-wise, it felt like very tiny rubber bands being snapped on the skin — overall a rather comfortable experience.

Available at Dr Steven Ang Aesthetics and Laser Clinic

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