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7 Family vacation destinations not to miss

Milford Sound in New Zealand has been voted one of the top destinations by travellers and is great for a family vacation
Milford Sound in New Zealand has been voted one of the top destinations by travellers and is great for a family vacation
Milford Sound in New Zealand has been voted one of the top destinations by travellers and is great for a family vacation

There are many beautiful destinations to travel to but few are great for the whole family

You may have travelled to a number of destinations in your life. If you have, you should know that while some places may be beautiful and interesting, not all of them are suitable as a vacation destination for the whole family.

Here are seven family vacation destinations not to miss.


Austria – A School of Fun in the Mountains

An unusual school can be found way up high on a mountain pasture in Kalchkendlalm, Austria, where you learn about life in a centuries-old farmhouse. From the pastures, you have breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain peaks, toy-town houses down in the valley, thick forests, and craggy cliffs.

If you want to know where your food comes from, you can also join the “bread and butter” class, which runs all year round.

Photo: Sam DCruz / Shutterstock.com
Photo: Sam DCruz / Shutterstock.com

Botswana – Animals of the Bush

Here in Botswana, you can do a “Big Five Safari” and spot the five most dangerous animals of the bush: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, hippos and even buffalos. You can also go quad biking and camp out under the breathtaking stars (in dedicated safe areas, of course).

Charter a plane and fly over to the African Plains to see the amazing wildlife and exotic plants. You’ll also be fascinated by how the locals live. This definitely beats any geography or science class you’ve ever attended!


New Zealand – Bicycle trails & Bungee Leaps

Going on a bicycle adventure can be very exciting. Setting off lakeside from Steamer Wharf in downtown Queenstown, the trail will appeal to cyclists who want to explore the region at a leisurely pace.

Whether that means stopping for a photo of stunning wayside scenery, or leaping off the famous Kawarau Bridge bungee along the way, you are guaranteed fun for the whole family.


Oman – Desert Jaunts & Exotic Legends

You’ve learnt about deserts in your geography class, but now you can actually visit one. While the place may be hot, you can still have lots of fun in camel rides, sand-surfing, buggy rides and trekking.

Along the way, you’ll learn about ancient desert cultures and nomads while you explore their old buildings and holy mosques. Most of them are hundreds of years old.

If you like the story of Aladdin, you’ll love this place even more. Soak up the exotic feeling from the bazaars, souks [markets], and other wild legends that the locals can tell you.


UK – Jolly Seaside Escapades

Catch a show at the renowned West End Theatre and visit infamous castles including the Tower of London, where Henry the VIII’s wives were beheaded.

If that’s too scary for you, visit tranquil seaside haunts such as Brighton and Cornwall. These seaside towns offer lovely fish and chips as well as arcade rides, rock candy and picnics.

The Dead Sea – Frolic in Healthy Mud

Cover yourself from head to toe in mud and not get a scolding! The healthy mud here at the Dead Sea is used as a healing agent for skin cracks, bites, burns, and other skin afflictions.

The pure mud helps to detoxify and re-mineralise your skin, and is also anti-inflammatory. The natural black mud is a mixture of the many Dead Sea salts and minerals that are rich in magnesium, natural tar (bitumen), and silicates. Have healthy fun frolicking in mud like the hippos!


Finland – Beautiful Coasts

Dotted with thousands of islands, Finland’s Baltic Coast is the perfect travel destination for anyone looking for a unique sailing or seaside experience.

Get a thrill out of trimming the sails as the wind and your course change, and practise your navigational skills through a total of over 10,000km of marked channels while brushing past some of the 80,000 islands. It would be like a pirate adventure for your family.