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Discover Taipei – Asia’s Premier Budget-Friendly Destination Courts Travellers Once More

Where can you find an ultra-modern city complete with the trappings of iconic skyscrapers, gourmet cafes and an efficient subway system coexisting with historic temples and possessing an effortlessly friendly charm? Why Taipei of course.

Here’s why this unassuming mountainous island looms larger than life to those that venture a visit.

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Ringed by Mountains, Flanked by Rivers – Nature Abounds at Taipei’s Doorstep

The island is blessed with 5 mountain ranges stretching parallel to its Eastern coast and occupying roughly 3 quarters of the island’s landmass. This rugged terrain is dotted with hot springs and crisscrossed by numerous rivers. In contrast with the densely populated and urbanized Western third of the island, the range of biodiversity is spectacular. So, once you are finished soaking up the city’s sights, nature sits at the doorstep. 

Nature lovers will be spoilt for choice! With gorgeous natural scenery such as Yangmingshan National Park and the Maokong tea-plantation area to the North and Southeast, Thousand-Island Lake and Lion’s Head Mountain in the South and Yinghanling peak in the Guanyin Mountains, the question is which to do first. Fortunately, getting it is easy as public transport makes all these places easily available. Just hop onto the public bus from Taipei Main Station or one of several MTR subway stations. In absolutely no time at all, you can immerse yourself in the lush greenery of the nearby wilderness. There’s nothing better than getting a post-pandemic whiff of fresh air.

Yangmingshan is one of Taiwan’s 9 national parks but what makes it unique is its post-volcanic landscape of smoking fumaroles, sulfur crystal deposits and hot springs. At times, this presents a hash and barren terrain, while at other times it gives way to lush subtropical vegetation with plant species found nowhere else. It is the perfect destination in all seasons- Spring for the floral blooms and butterflies, Summer to beat the heat, Autumn for the dazzling display of changing foliage and winter for soaking in one of the many hot springs.

Another hit with day-trippers is MaoKong, Taipei’s very own tea town. The rolling hills of tea bushes are tucked away in the hills of Wenshan District, but the rewards of making it here are the taste of invigorating Oolong varieties, as well as the array of tidbits that go along with a proper tea session. As well as hiking trails that snake through the tea plantations, catching a birds-eye view of the capital city from a gondola is unmissable. The landscape is especially captivating at night or when the morning mist swirls around the valleys at dawn.

So step out of the city and discover the gems of Taiwan that are hidden in plain sight.

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