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7 Spectacular B&Bs Hidden In China For Your Next Magical Adventure

Luxury stays in natural wonders

Nothing says exotic getaway like staying in the mountains and along the rivers of a foreign country. Surrounded by nothing but trees, rocky cliffs, and the sea, you feel a calming tranquility set in, washing away all your worries.

We don’t have to travel far to escape into the wilderness – China abounds in stunning rural nature where luxury hotels and B&Bs offer equally stunning comfort for those who know where to find them. Well, now you’re in the know, as we’ve combed through the web for seven of the most amazing hidden gem B&Bs across China. At these luxury lodgings, you can embark on an adventure of your dreams not far from your comfortable room, all without breaking the bank.

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Photo: Banshan Yinlu Hotel

1. Banshan Yinlu Hotel, in Chengdu (半山隐庐)

Like its Mandarin name suggests, this mountaintop hotel gives you a pleasant feeling of being in the middle of refined luxury and relaxing comfort. Tucked away in the middle of Sichuan’s Longmen and Jiuding Mountains, the hotel offers a meditative experience surrounded completely by the wild yet peaceful nature, and clean fresh air. Private villas that have been converted into 16 hotel rooms, and the design of the accommodation structure itself is another incredible “in the middle” concept. From extended open-air walkways, to floor-to-ceiling glass windows and even glass “floors,” the hotel brings you closer to the beauty of nature in an exciting way.

No. 81 Shuangliu Road, Jiandi Town, Shifang, Deyang City, Sichuan, China

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