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Godiva Is Releasing Cute Hello Kitty Plushies With Their Chocolates

This year’s limited edition set ushers in a red Christmas

Chocolates from Godiva are always a great gift for any occasion, and they’re even sweeter when paired with an adorable Hello Kitty plushie

It’s not the first time that Godiva is teaming up with Sanrio for limited edition plushie sets. We’ve seen the iconic cat don a pretty pink dress and bow last year, sold with eight pieces of chocolate from the luxury chocolate brand. Pink was also the theme for various Godiva x Hello Kitty Valentine-themed sets over the years.

This year, red is the new pink. Snug in a deep red and white fleece coat with a hood, the new Godiva Hello Kitty is a beautiful and elegant lady. She’s like a feline Santa, bearing tidings of decadent chocolates. The particular chocolates the set comes with are eight pieces of G Cube Truffles –¬†chocolate ganache available in lots of different flavours of dark and milk chocolate.

Photo: Godiva

Pre-orders for the Hello Kitty limited edition plushie set start now, until 9 November, at all Godiva stores except for Changi Airport. They will be available in stores starting 19 November.