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5 Unique Family-friend Countries To Visit During This Summer School Holidays

Woman on african wildlife safari observing zebras from open roof safari jeep. Rear view. Focus on zebras.

Let’s plan a trip that will create magical memories for your family!

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1. South Africa

Visit South Africa for a wild Safari experience! The thrill of wildlife-watching enriches a child’s knowledge of the natural world and is a golden opportunity for family bonding.

South Africa is the ideal destination for families looking to head out on their first-ever safari. It offers stunning natural landscapes and the chance to spot and learn more about the Big Five animals and spend quality time together.

There are plenty of family-friendly lodges, such as Kwandwe Ecca Lodge and Madikwe Safari Lodge, that you may consider booking for the trip. Participate in Kwandwe’s exciting rhino darting and conservation programme, or venture out alongside the rhino monitoring team deep into the reserve to learn about the habitats of this critically endangered species and Kwandwe’s efforts to protect and conserve them.

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