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4 Great Places for Hiking Trips to Visit

Some plan their trips way in advance. Have you started to plan your hiking trips for 2020?

If you have plans to hike in 2020 but have no idea where to go, let us take you through a uniquely immersive experience into the culture and history of Japan, Tajikistan and India unfound elsewhere.

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1. Izu Geo Trail (Japan)

The Izu Geo Trail explores the Izu Peninsula, one of the most unique geological areas on Earth.

Follow a trail that weaves its way south along the peninsula’s east coast and mountainous central spine to its southernmost tip at Cape Irozaki before returning north along the west coast to Shuzenji, a charming and atmospheric onsen thermal hot spring resort town.

Be treated to scenic views of the Izu Peninsula that includes, on clear days, spectacular views of Mt. Fuji, and indulge in bountiful seafood cuisine and onsen hot-spring baths.

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