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4 Great Places for Hiking Trips to Visit

Some plan their trips way in advance. Have you started to plan your hiking trips for 2020?

If you have plans to hike in 2020 but have no idea where to go, let us take you through a uniquely immersive experience into the culture and history of Japan, Tajikistan and India unfound elsewhere.

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2. The Snow Country (Japan)

The Snow Country tour is a fully guided, snowshoeing tour in Japan’s snow country.

The tour provides an intimate experience of life in a winter wonderland that can only be accessed using snowshoes: travellers will visit a spectacular Shinto shrine complex; stay in charming farming villages located in deep valleys; and cross spectacular, remote winter landscapes where the only other footprints they see will almost certainly be left by the local wildlife.

Mountains and the snow are the motifs for this region, where the locals have developed a unique way of life dictated by their environment. It would a totally different experience one can ever imagine.

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