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Your Guide To Using Instagram Hashtags In 2017

In an era where everybody on social media has a voice, garnering attention is no longer an easy feat — here's how

If you've got a public Instagram account, you already wield social media influence.

Whether you're growing a community based on your interests — makeup, puppies, hipster cafes, what have you — or simply sharing your personal voice on topics that interest you, growing a relevant audience can be useful.

These days, simply using a bunch of popular hashtags won't cut it anymore.

To keep your account flourishing, here's our guide on using hashtags smartly:

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6. Improve your engagement

Ever wonder how posts get featured on the coveted Explore page on Instagram? A top factor is how quickly your post receives in its engagement. In a nutshell, if a substantial amount of likes and comments pour in within 24 hours of posting, it shows that your post is successfully with its engagement, thereby making it a Top Post. A few methods that can be used are using the best hashtags for your content and scheduling your posts during timings when your audience is at their most active — for instance, posting food content during meal times.

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