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Your Guide To Using Instagram Hashtags In 2017

In an era where everybody on social media has a voice, garnering attention is no longer an easy feat — here’s how

If you’ve got a public Instagram account, you already wield social media influence.

Whether you’re growing a community based on your interests — makeup, puppies, hipster cafes, what have you — or simply sharing your personal voice on topics that interest you, growing a relevant audience can be useful.

These days, simply using a bunch of popular hashtags won’t cut it anymore.

To keep your account flourishing, here’s our guide on using hashtags smartly:

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1. Determine the best hashtags for your account

While popular hashtags on Instagram tend to be simple words like #love, #blessed, #happy and the likes, they may not be useful when it comes to boosting your account growth. Instead, be strategic by using hashtags specific to your audience who have an engaging community behind them. After all, the narrower the scope of the hashtag, the more engaged the users tend to be. Take for instance, the beauty community uses tonnes of hashtags targeted at various products, but insider hashtags like #beautyblogger and #fotd (face of the day), will allow you to reach a more targeted audience.

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