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#WeekenderTries: 3 Days To Instant Youth

This tried-and-tested treatment will help reduce signs of ageing

Photo: EstheClinic


As I teeter past my mid-twenties, I am suddenly jolted by the importance of an anti-ageing skincare routine.

It might’ve been the nature of my job of a lifestyle writer or the fact that everybody — my editor including — was egging me to start applying eye cream.

Duly noted.

That’s why, EstheClinic’s “3 Days to Instant Youth” Intensive Anti-ageing Programme sounded like a pretty good deal to me.

It claims to be a 3-day aesthetics treatment protocol that maximises and amplifies the skin’s potential to regenerate and revive for visible, instant youthful results — without any painful surgery or downtime.

While three consecutive days of treatment sounded like an impossible deal in my books, I somehow managed to squeeze in all three sessions within a week.

Three days for potentially long lasting results? Worth a try, I say.

Tried-and-tested: For the first and third day, I underwent the same 5-step treatment.

It started off with Thermo-controlled Radiofrequency, where a hand piece heated my skin to induce collagen stimulation. The growing heat was generally comfortable, except at the slightly sensitive areas near my hairline.

This was followed by the Micro-needling Booster to stimulate my skin deep down to induce the production of collagen and elastin. I wasn’t prepared for the prickly sensation but it felt bearable.

Next, the aesthetician massaged my skin with the Eladerm CosmeLED Le Sérum, a concentrate of active anti-ageing ingredients.

After being soothed by her gentle strokes, it was time for LED Photomodulation — where I dozed off in no time while cold, bright light shone on my skin to help activate new collagen formation and inhibit the breakdown of existing collagen to delay signs of aging.

Finally, the Eladerm CosmeLED La Crème was applied, to nourish, protect and help my skin continue its regenerative efforts.

For the second day, all steps were repeated except for the Thermo-controlled Radiofrequency.

Verdict: After my first session, there was a visible glow on my cheeks. As I had to rush off after, I hastily dabbed on some light makeup, and to my surprise, my skin looked better than it usually did.

At the end of all three sessions, my jawline looked a little more defined. Best of all? I did look more energised and rejuvenated.

$990 for 3 days’ treatment on the face, inclusive of the Eladerm cosmeceutical skincare regimen (CosmeLED Le Sérum + CosmeLED La Crème + Le Dermabooster); $1160 for the full Face and Neck package inclusive of products