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8 Droolworthy Homes You Need To See

Fresh, clever, and stylish interior designs that will make you drool

These homes stand out as they combine form, function, and grace; the holy trinity of home interior design. From an elegant hybrid bedroom to a zen-inspired minimalist apartment, these spaces tick all the right boxes, making them timeless, Pinterest-worthy ideas that you’d want to go back to when planning your future home makeover!

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1. Japan-inspired Home

Decked out mainly with Muji furniture, this apartment embodies minimalism, down to its core. It demonstrates how you don’t need a lot for a space to be beautiful. All you need for this look is a collection of carefully curated and functional furnishings, a couple of main built-in storage areas to conceal clutter, and a timeless colour palette that is soothing to the eyes.

Interior designer: Third Avenue Studio
Location: Waterway Woodcress

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