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This 7-step cheat sheet can help you clear all your junk

Get rid of any clutter in your house with these seven simple steps

Whether you’ve spring-cleaned your house over the New Year, there may still exist piles of clutter in the corners of your home that you’ve been hoping to sweep under the proverbial rug.

But now, you no longer have to deal with clutter – thanks to this life-saving cheat sheet by professional space organiser Nathalie Ricaud.

Released in conjunction with the (In)visible Spaces campaign and BoConcept, this seven-step guide will lead you to a cleaner, homelier and more spacious house.

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The (In)visible Spaces campaign is also holding a free workshop with Nathalie and BoConcepts on Feb 24 – find out more details and registration information here.

By Pamela Chow