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How to create a sleek yet simple home through smart styling

Create a sleek and unembellished home through smart styling

This descriptive headline holds true for this 3-bedroom condo unit owned by a foodie couple who likes to travel and shop for accessories overseas. Through smart styling and shopping, and careful editing and restraint, the design team from Ciseern has achieved balance between simplicity and cosiness, creating a sleek, unembellished home that is as inviting as it is current.


Bask in light


A fresh palette of whites, warm woods and minimal colour pops created a relaxed ambience.


To keep the entertaining space well lit and to change the mood as needed, the Ciseern design team employed a combination of recessed lights, cove lighting and pendant lamps.

Splashes of vibrant colour, from the soft furnishings and artworks, added life to the mostly neutral-hued space.

The kitchen originally lacked windows, so the wall between the kitchen and the dining area was torn down to allow light in. The wall was replaced by a glass sliding door to confine cooking fumes in the kitchen.


Kitted-out kitchen


Caesarstone was used for the stylish island top.


Being food and wine lovers, the owners were very particular about kitchen design. Hence, electrical appliances — induction hob, oven, hood, steam oven, microwave and wine chiller — were all built-in.

The designers also complied with the wife’s request for an island worktop, using Caesarstone to make the stylish yet sturdy island top. They made it more functional by adding drawers fitted with Blum Orga-Line accessories.


Clean lines


The TV console and shoe cabinet clad in similar finishes made up the living room’s main feature. The similar finishes helped them to appear like a single unit, which further elongated the area.

Behind the lounging area were modular display boxes that also added to the streamlined yet functional approach to storage design. Even the air-conditioning was considered by the design team — they chose a ceiling-mounted unit to maintain a clean look.


Green surprise


One wall was painted lime green for a refreshing feel.


The study deviated from the all-white approach in the other rooms. The designers chose to paint one wall lime green for a refreshing feel and used tinted glass for the tabletop to break away from the all-wood design.

As the owners had plenty of personal knick-knacks, the design team implemented different storage options, including enclosed cabinets and drawers for hiding clutter and some open cubicles for displaying figurines and books.


Casual vibe


A combination of recessed lights, cove lighting and pendant lamps was used to keep space well lit.


One of the unique points of this unit is the sunken living area rarely seen in condos nowadays. The designers created a cohesive space throughout the living-dining areas by using a fresh palette of whites, warm woods and minimal pops of colour. The addition of beanbags complemented the relaxed atmosphere.


By Verlaine Ramos-Marquez

Article first published in Lookbox Living #41 May/June 2015

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