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Tech Review: Sudio Tre Is The Wireless Earpiece You Didn’t Know You Want For Christmas

Versatile and minimalistic, Tre is the embodiment of Scandinavian design that's music to our ears

Earphone wires - how did we ever live with them for so long?

We're talking about tangled wires here, the part where they clump up like Medusa's hair more often than not, and unapologetically get in the way of our daily routines. How rude!

So to avoid unnecessary hindrances in life, we traded in our ratty earphones for Swedish audio brand Sudio's newest (and coolest) set of earphones. Released earlier this year, Tre (Swedish for three) is the third product of Sudio's range of wireless Bluetooth audio devices that will surely elevate your music-listening experience like no other.

Here's what we thought of the tres chic earphones:

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Connectivity and battery life

You know how phones nowadays feel like they’re running out of juice before you even know it? So much for portable convenience when we need to get a portable charger to charge it on the go.

With the Sudio Tre, there will be no such problem with its impressive play time of nine hours from a single charge. There’s also the option of a Quick Charge (10 minutes) if you just want to bring it out for a quick run after work.

As for connectivity, it’s pretty much idiot-proof. It took less than five seconds when we tried to pair the earphones with our smartphones for the first time, which follows with an almost instantaneous connection for subsequent pairings. With a range of 15m, you can pretty much just leave your phone to charge and walk around in your abode while still being plugged in.  Now, that’s what we call hands-free. 

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