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How To Use Blue In Your Home

Shades of blue bring a cool, relaxing vibe to this unique-looking apartment

By Verlaine Ramos-Marquez

Mixing classic and contemporary styles in this home renovation project, Neu Konceptz used varying shades and applications of­­­ the calming colour to tie it all together for a cohesive look.


A sophisticated touch


The living room is an airy, restful haven with its powder-blue-led colour palette. Designer Gary Wong of Neu Konceptz clad the wall in a stylised paisley print wall covering in the soothing hue, and an off-white Chesterfield sofa complements it beautifully.

Adding to its timeless appeal are sculptural pieces: a solid wood table and an oversized, aged hurricane lamp. Layered lighting — from the ceiling-installed general lights to the spiral pendant lamp reflected in the mirror, to the ambient lights of the candlestick — completes the textured atmosphere.


A hint of blue


A marble-topped bar separates the kitchen from the dining space. Glass partitions allow the blue-tempered glass from inside the kitchen to add a pop of colour into the dining area, without overwhelming it.


Fresh & laid-back


A soft contrast to the living room is the balcony, where meals can be enjoyed al fresco. Neutral hues in varied natural finishes — such as the wood-decked floor, stone wall and bamboo blinds — bring warm, muted browns to the cool, blue ambience of the living room.

The woven outdoor furniture further adds a resort feel.


Kitchen colour


Blue is brought into the kitchen using mosaic tiles and tempered glass on the stove backsplash and one of the cabinets. Glossy white laminate-topped cabinets and Corian surfaces ensure that the stylish yet functional space looks clean and streamlined.


Fresh and splashy


Mosaic tiles in shades of blue give this luxurious bath a sparkling effect, livening up the standard-issue condominium bathroom. A clear glass partition doesn’t hamper the view from the generous bathtub, so the space feels roomier.


Understated style


Creamy, off-white surfaces — both glossy and matte — keep the master bedroom a restful space. Wood detailing from the closet door accents to the flooring bring in a touch of warmth, while the theme colour, blue, is added through the use of tastefully-chosen bed coverings.

Article first published in Lookbox Living #41 May/June 2015

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