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Want To Be A Mermaid? Check Out This Underwater Lodge

Experience marine life close-up as you’ve never before when you stay a night under the sea in this underwater lodge

By Natalie Kwan


Experience for yourself how it would be like to live under the sea, and look forward to a breathtaking panoramic view of the marine life swimming around you.


If you’ve ever wanted to live like a mermaid under the sea, surrounded by magnificent panoramas and close encounters with majestic marine creatures, this is the perfect place.

Priding itself in being the world’s first underwater hotel, Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo in the Florida Keys offers an authentic undersea dwelling experience to guests. One would have to dive about 6.4m to enter the lodge. But what better way is there to encounter life under the sea and experience the spectacular views of the underwater kingdom?

If you’ve never had diving lessons, don’t worry. You can pick up diving by taking the Discover Scuba certification on-site, for US$95 (about S$133). If you’re an experienced diver, bring proof of your diving certifications to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.


Luxury in the Sea

Immerse yourself in the complete marine experience when you stay in Jules Undersea Lodge. Remember to book early as the lodge comprises just two guest rooms. Lodging costs US$800 for two, and includes a simple dinner [read on to find out more] as well as dive gear.

The lodge’s circular 42-inch windows guarantee a marvellous view of sea life that you can’t get anywhere else. Imagine views of angelfish, barracuda and other marine life swimming around as you snuggle up in your cosy, underwater abode.

There is also an abundance of books, movies, videos and refreshments access-ible to guests, so you get leisure and adventure in one stay.


Underwater Pizza Delivery

What’s better than pizza delivery? Pizza being delivered by scuba divers to your underwater sanctuary! You’ve probably never experienced anything like this, so it’s one experience that you’ll never forget. And, you can boast about it to your friends and colleagues.

For those who’d prefer something fancier, go for the lodge’s luxury package. This includes a “mer-chef” diving down to your lodge to prepare and serve you a gourmet dinner.

Venture Further for More Adventure


Catch a glimpse of the “Christ of the Abyss” submerged statue when you embark on a snorkelling tour at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.


While you’re in Key Largo, if you’re a nature-lover and you’d love to experience more of the grandeur of the great outdoors, drive about 2.1km towards John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park (via Transylvania Ave and US-1 S). Covering 178 nautical square miles of coral reefs and mangrove swamps, the park will leave you spoilt for choice.

Give the snorkelling or glass-bottomed boat tours a go. As the park extends about 4.8km into the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll encounter a wider range of marine wildlife. The coral reef park also offers rentals, so you can kayak or even paddle-board through up to about 80.5km of natural mangrove channels.

By the end of your whole immersion in marine life, you’ll practically be half mer-person!