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Why Ruby Lin’s Wedding Dress Wins Best Coordinated Award

Ruby Lin sparkled with happiness from head to toe for her wedding to Wallace Huo

One word: "Aww".

After 10 long years of dating, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin recently married long-term beau Wallace Huo. We can't help but say that this couple gives us warm and fuzzy feelings.

Besides having the wedding of the year in Bali, the bride's eye to details were also carefully displayed in her outfits and accessories - which were meticulously coordinated with the groom's.

Here are three things we love from her wedding outfits and the reasons why.

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2. Her Bvlgari jewellery ensemble 

Bvlgari has always been one of Lin’s favourite jewellery brands. The brand is not known to do loans on their jewellery, but she was offered a chance to pick out several pieces from the brand, which she worked splendidly to complement her outfits.

We exceptionally love her ruby red earrings and ring from the Bvlgari Divas’ Dream collection, paired with a 12.75-carat gemstone diamond ring that also had a ruby displayed in the center. She wore this during her traditional tea ceremony.

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