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Ho Ching’s Pathlight Pouch Is The New ‘It’ Item

Ho Ching’s State Dinner arm candy saw a massive spike in demand after being photographed on her

Singapore may have just gotten a most unexpected style icon. Where the United States of America has Michelle Obama, we have Ho Ching.

When a photograph of Ho Ching – CEO of Temasek Holdings and wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong – at the State Dinner in Washington DC was posted online, one item of interest set off a massive chain reaction.

The item is a “Japanese Boro” pouch with dinosaur silhouettes printed on it, designed by 19-year-old Pathlight student Seetoh Sheng Jie and sold on the school’s Art Faculty website for $14.80.

Since the picture was posted, traffic has flooded the online store, with demand for the pouch spiking to as many as 200 orders and counting, The Art Faculty told Today.

Want to get in on the sudden trend? Unfortunately, a search on the website doesn’t turn up the product, meaning it’s probably been all snapped up. Insert sad face here.

Photo: The Art Faculty

However, you can still purchase another one of Seetoh’s similar dinosaur-print designs in the form of a yellow leather coin pouch ($28.90) or travel pouch ($48).

This is not the only time Singapore’s visit to the State Dinner has made waves; yesterday, PM Lee and The White House began a mutual Instagram takeover, with adorable results.