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5 Reasons Why Livinguard Has Possibly The Best Masks During the COVID 19 Pandemic

A face mask is a critical tool to help slow the spreading of Covid-19. But an important question is, how effective is your face mask?

More than two years later and unfortunately, the pandemic still remains. It has reached a point where everyone is not easing into, but now embracing a new normal with Covid-19. One clear indication of this new normal? Face masks.

Hygiene technology company Livinguard has produced a range of masks built with the Swiss brand's self-disinfecting, antiviral and antimicrobial textiles. Their goal is to empower everyone to take back their lives by standing against the virus in a protected and safe manner.

Discover more about Livinguard and 5 reasons why their next-generation masks are the one of the best out there.

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5. Options for Everyone of All Ages 

While Livinguard has a one-technology-fits-all mask protection to protect against COVID-19, the brand fully understood that every person of all ages may need different types of masks and sizes. Therefore, they offer a variety of options to cater to the different lifestyles and needs of users.

For adrenaline junkies, FITNESS Masks are the way to go during work out, The mask comprises Lyocell Microfiber, which is 5X more breathable than standard cotton fabric. It is also fast-drying with a natural stretch and adjustable head strap for enhanced wearability. The technology embedded into the mask promises to destroy negatively charged viruses and bacteria so that you can do your burpees with a peace of mind. It can be used up to 150X and cleaning after each workout is easy, as you just need to rinse under running tap water for about 2 minutes.

For users who are high on breathability and are often in open-air areas or spaces, the STREET Masks will be your go-to. Whether gallivanting around the park or leisurely walking by the beach etc, Livinguard technology will annihilate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria while delivering immense comfort.

Understanding that children below 7, may require a smaller custom sizing, Livinguard has also come up with XS size KIDS STREET Masks to protect them infinitely better. As children are still unable to get vaccinated, it is essential that they are adequately protected with effective mask protection.

For users who want a higher level of protection, especially if they are often in high traffic and enclosed vicinity i.e. offices or malls etc, PRO Masks will be your best bet. It is a 3 layer EN14683 certified medical Type 1 mask, which boasts not only antiviral technology but also >95% bacterial filtration efficiency. Combined with the masks’ silky smooth fabric with good breathability, it definitely does not comprise breathability over protection.

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