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5 Reasons Why Livinguard Has Possibly The Best Masks During the COVID 19 Pandemic

A face mask is a critical tool to help slow the spreading of Covid-19. But an important question is, how effective is your face mask?

More than two years later and unfortunately, the pandemic still remains. It has reached a point where everyone is not easing into, but now embracing a new normal with Covid-19. One clear indication of this new normal? Face masks.

Hygiene technology company Livinguard has produced a range of masks built with the Swiss brand’s self-disinfecting, antiviral and antimicrobial textiles. Their goal is to empower everyone to take back their lives by standing against the virus in a protected and safe manner.

Discover more about Livinguard and 5 reasons why their next-generation masks are the one of the best out there.

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1. Build with Game Changing Technology

Most masks use filter media to act as a barrier to protect yourself and others against the viruses. However, do you know that the viruses continue to remain on your mask and thus cross-contamination can still occur when you touch your mask. Livinguard’s differentiate its masks with each layer of the mask coated with  antiviral & antibacterial technology that destroys viruses and bacteria upon contact. Need further assurance? Research institutes have deduced that textiles treated with Livinguard Technology can destroy >99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

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